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TEDxAthens creates unique gatherings and events designed to catalyze and stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship, social change and inclusion. TEDxAthens is a proud member of TED’s independently organized TEDx events program, and the first ever TEDx event in Greece, established in May 2009. It amplifies great ideas worth sharing and implementing to the world. To date, it has curated more than 200 talks from world-renowned thinkers, doers and innovators. These talks have been viewed more than 7 million times online. It is, by acclamation, the most impactful and influential platform for ideas in Greece and the wider Balkans region.


TEDxAthens is a team of 70+ passionate volunteers, who believe in creating opportunities for change, by delivering high-quality content born from all aspects of life, through conferences, adventures and social projects, in order to educate, motivate, inspire and become catalysts of change both locally and internationally.


TEDx brings the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe. TEDx events are organized by curious individuals who seek to discover ideas and spark conversations in their own community. TEDx events include live speakers and are organized independently under a free license granted by TED. Each TEDx team operates independently from TED and its TEDx sister events in the same country and city.




Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou
Founder & Curator

Dimitris "DKG" Kalavros-Gousiou is a 30-year-old technology entrepreneur and investor. He serves as Co-Founder and General Partner at Velocity.Partners, a pre-seed and seed Venture Capital Fund active in Greece and SEE.

He is best known as the Founder and Curator of TEDxAthens, the most impactful platform for ideas, dialogue and talks in Greece. Prior to his role at Velocity.Partners, Dimitris co-founded Found.ation (a leading startup acceleration and innovation hub in the Balkans), TechTalent School (a coding school) and TechTalent Pool (a recruiting SaaS for developers).

From 2011 to 2013, Dimitris served as a Referrer for pre-seed investment firm HackFwd, leading its pipeline in Greece and Southeast Europe.

DKG holds a Law degree from the University of Kent at Canterbury and an LLM (Master of Laws) in Computer and Communications Law from the Queen Mary University of London.

He is a 2X alumnus of U.S. Department of State "International Visitor Leadership Program", classes of 2013 and 2017, the latter under the prestigious "Gold Stars" program, and a member of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum.

Dimitris regularly speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology, design thinking, digital storytelling and leadership.

Dimitris Kokkoris
Dimitris is a design and print communication specialist, a social connector and an adventurer. He holds a degree in Printing Management and Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. He started his career at his family's business, Dot Repro, a creative print services provider, and has been occupied there ever since. From a very young age, he has been training and competing in several disciplines of mountain and water sports as an amateur athlete. He has been a founding member of Young Leaders, the Hellenic Young Entrepreneurs Association. He is a BoD member of the Costeas-Geitonas Schools Alumni Association. Contributing, donating, volunteering and helping others in need have defined most parts of his life. His latest endeavour is in the adventure travel industry, being the co-founder of Cannibals Adventures, a sea-kayaking adventure travel company. Dimitris is passionate about simple and effective design. As an action-sports and adventures addict he spends lots of time in the outdoors. He also spends lots of time in his kitchen at home cooking for family and friends. When he doesn't pet his three cats, he loves to travel, meet new people and develop his personal skills.
Konstantinos Geros
TEDxAthens Project Manager | Head of Content Curation
Filippos Zakopoulos
Advisory Board
Filippos is a Managing Partner at Found.ation, a technology and innovation platform based in Athens. Found.ation focuses on the intersection of startups and corporations helping both sides tackle the digital transformation era. He is a technologist, a business developer, and a strategist. He has an academic background in electronics and an extensive business development track record having been active in various sectors, from smaller scale startups to larger corporations. In addition, Filippos is part of the Management Board of Pixelocracy, a specialized web technology agency. Prior to his current roles, Filippos has worked as an electronic engineer in the neutron source proton accelerator of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK and as a business developer and a commercial director in the renewable energy sector. Filippos is an active ambassador of the transformational challenges that new technologies bring in our society and companies and regularly speaks on the topics of digital transformation, technology, and innovation.
Tina Chalofti
Head of Partnerships
Tina is a member in TEDxAthens organizing team for 7+ years now, currently offering volunteering service as Head of Partnerships. She is a business consultant, co-founder and Managing Director in consulting firms Excellence & Lean Management Consultants and Active Safety Exipp. She holds a BSc in Maritime Economics and an MBA in Total Quality Management, both from University of Piraeus and a diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media from Athens University of Economics & Business. She is passionate about service quality, customer satisfaction and event management. She is currently adapting to a vegan way of life and trying to keep up with life moto 'work hard - stay humble'. She loves her dog Rita, chocolate & sunsets.
Yiannis Mazarakis
Head of Branding
Every good storyteller needs a willing listener and Yiannis has certainly been that. An experienced graphic designer and a year­long lover of TED talks, he’s a sponge for beautiful ideas, images and words. He is an excited member of TEDxAthens, a fountain of free flowing creativity, fun and strong professionalism. The right place to blend his graphic artistry with that of 40+ other volunteers who happily invest time and energy to create and spread something the future world demands and deserves: IDEAS WORTH SHARING.
Paris Gavriilakis
Hospitality Director
Paris is what you would say, your ordinary guy next door! Social, likes to hang out with his friends, meet new people, always greets you with a smile and always has…sugar and coffee if you are out! He is part of the TEDx Athens family for 6 years and head of the Hospitality Team for the last 3. On the day of the event you would probably find him following speakers around SNFCC, making sure they are happy, well fed and on time for their speech! If you see him give him a hug or a high five! This ordinary guy and the team he is part of are going to be there, to make sure, you can have the most extraordinary experience you could possibly have!
Mike Triantafyllidis
Program Development Manager
Unfinished business or uncharted waters, Mike has a bachelor degree in Geography of Harokopio University and a Master Degree in European Policies and Urban Planning. It wasn’t long however before Marketing and Comms proved to be his true passion, as he discovered that the creative path they offer provides with numerous possibilities for self- expression. His TEDxAthens role is to develop the volunteers program! He is a Digital Strategist for McCann, and a proud member of the TEDxAthens team since 2016. Fluent in both English and French he is always keen on trying out new applications concerning Technology and Social Media.
Christina Christodoulou
Sarina Mizan
Content Curation Manager | Lab Manager
Sarina's story begins in April 1991. Her love for the sea from a very young age pushed her towards the University of Piraeus where she pursued her Bachelor Degree in Maritime Studies. Thereafter she continued her studies at the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers whilst embarking on her career in the Shipping Industry in which she has been active for the last 8 years. Music, squash, travelling and Sourdough baking are her favorite hobbies and a major part of her life. You can frequently spot her strolling around in the Southern Suburbs with Pico, her little poodle who is a heartbreaker. #littlepico Her personal motto: "Do your best and let life do the rest"
Eleftheria Dimou
Ticketing Services Director
Marilena Babali
SoMe & Newsletter Coordinator
Marilena is an International and European Relations graduate, a die-hard traveler, and lover of both people and animals. She can charm you in 4 languages, and loves a good conversation starter. She’s a Sagittarius so she can get bored very easily, and that’s why she’s changed many teams in the 5 years she’s been part of TEDx Athens. This year she’s part of the Social Media & Newsletter Team, which fits her perfectly since she also works part-time as a social media manager. She believes that everyone can do their part in changing the world for the better, and her biggest flex is that she recently gave a speech at the United Nations in Geneva.
Andrew Garifallos
Experience & Side Events Project Manager
Andrew dedicated his early years to swimming, and later on to water polo, following his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps. After his identity as an athlete, Andrew decided to become professionally active in the sector he loved the most: water sports. Today he is considered to be the founding father of Beachpolistas World Tour, which started in Greece and is now international! The success of the tournament can be found in the growing number of the events and participants every summer. Along with the Beachpolistas World Tour, he has taken part in organizing numerous sports events. Andrew is the owner of FAB Sportswear, a Greek family-owned athletic apparel company, which specializes (guess where) in swimming, water polo, diving, synchronized swimming, open water swimming and any sport related to H2O. He is one of these “forever students” at the Athens University of Economics and Business, as he never seems to find time to open his books when he has so many responsibilities running his own business! Information of vital importance: he is a pescetarian and has three fur-children-puppies, Gemma, Zizel and Mr Tofu.
Dena Argyropoulou
Content Curation Manager | Head of Podcast
Dena has been part of the TEDxAthens family since 2016. Ever since insight meditation helped her navigate the unknown, painful territory of heartbreak, she’s been teaching the technique as a way to find clarity of mind and live with wisdom, courage and compassion. As a podcast host and producer, she loves having meaningful conversations with interesting people around the world. She currently lives in Athens, Greece and after living in California for 19 years she misses maple glazed donuts the most.
Kostas Fryganiotis
Web Developer | Photographer

Kostas is a Photographer and Web Developer. He studied Chemical Engineering in the NTUA. He is the co-founder of Nevma, a leading Web Design and Development company in Greece and a freelance photographer. He is also a main member of the WordPress Greek Community and co-organizer of the Athens WordPress Meetup, WordCamp Athens & WordCamp Europe conferences. He loves food, sports, food after sports, videogames with food, walking in mountains (food afterwards) and taking photos of any kind (i tried food but i want to eat it), especially landscapes and people. Be ready for the last one... and bring your best smile!

Anna Spyrou
Logistic & Purchases manager
Anna had spent 12 years in retail industry when she decided to enter the world of marketing, take all she had learnt and turn it into successful brand stories. She also acquired a variety in sciences, having a BSc in Education from University of Athens and an MBA from Alba Graduate Business School, blending a creative vision with a technical business mind. At TEDxAthens, she’s part of Operations and Experience rocket team. Having worked in different environments, helped her become an expert on product development and brand strategy. Great times of inspiration about the next “one more thing” are happening while boxing or taking long walks, also during travelling and experiencing new cultures, tasting wines and having gin(ious) conversations. Sometimes as a loner, sometimes with what she considers as most precious, her people, her friends. The people that define her as a sunshine with unflagging enthusiasm, a rainbow that can’t be let down. Her vision can be described by two of Steve Job’s famous quotes “We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” & “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking”. Cliché but true.
Foteini Geraki
Media Coordinator
Foteini’s life-long purpose is to help teams and organisations empower their mission through effective communication. Along with her intercultural background studying and working in the UK, US and Greece, she has contributed to ThedxAthens with a transparent and borderless point of view. In her daily life, Foteini is a Business Transformation Consultant, supporting companies in adopting and succeeding into the digitalised future.
Maria Kounalaki
Web Site & App Manager
Maria is a Cretan, thrilled newbie in the crew of TEDxAthens and loves it already. She is a Computer Engineering and Informatics graduate and she is currently attending her MSc in Human-Computer Interaction. Yes, exactly, she loves interaction especially when it has to do with new people and experiences. She also has professional background in sports and group training. Passionate about everything she engages herself with, team player, challenge hunter, cocktail lover, creative and hopelessly romantic, she loves traveling and spending her free time with her awesome friends, family and Meraklis, her best dog buddy. Her hobbies include outdoor activities, photography and sketching. She always tries to remind her self to “look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities”, enjoy the moment and smile.
Nefeli Papagiannopoulou
SoMe & Newsletter Coordinator
Nefeli is a digital marketing specialist. She studied Communication at Panteion University, Leadership & Management at Deree- ACG and she speaks French, Italian, Spanish, English and Greek. Sports are her favourite hobby, as she plays volleyball in a team. Volunteering is her next favourite thing! She can’t wait to meet you at the main event of TEDxAthens.
Mary Kanellopoulou
Training Manager
Mary has recently returned from her career travels in the United Kingdom to the place where her heart ticks with great Passion, her homeland, Greece. Having chosen to work in the field of HR for several years, she deeply believes in the power of Talent & Human Development, and that being a true Leader is a matter of personal choice. A former TEDxAthens volunteer and member of the TEDxAthens family since 2014, Mary has always known she would go back to the “crime scene” sooner or later. This time to do what she loves most - inspire young(-minded) Leaders to supercharge and affect Change in People in an multi-dimensional context. Her close partners (in crime) at the Volunteers Program will agree that she is seriously organized, extremely reliable & genuinely enthusiastic when it comes to Ideas Worth Spreading! Mary likes bringing people together, developing ideas and structuring the steps to Change. Throughout this journey she tries, she fails, she smiles, and achieves her goals, always remembering that “Human Capital is the only capital worth investing in!"
Valia Sarmatzi
Account Manager | Legal Advisor
Valia has been a proud member of the TED community since 2015 under various roles. Her goal is to live this experience to the fullest, stay motivated, hear new ideas and meet new people in order to assist in the transformation towards an upgraded way of life. She holds and LL.B and an LL.M, as well as a Degree in Finance and is currently a Corporate Legal Manager in an international shipping company. Her areas of expertise are anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, sanctions and data compliance. On a personal level, she is a beach-volleyball player and enjoys road trips and traveling abroad. The best phrase to describe her would be 'challenge seeker'.
Manos Gkiourkas
Financial Controller
Manos is a financial analyst and joined the team in 2020. He has a Master in Applied Economics from UoM. Currently, works for a multinational company in the FMCG sector, coping with boring numbers. In TEDxAthens he tries to counterbalance these boring numbers with excited people and the great experience of the event. Loves travelling, basketball and recently tries to play the guitar. He would tell you an economics joke, but there's not enough demand.
Soti Vayena
Digital Marketing Manager
Soti is not a Greek singer, even though she wishes she was. She joined TEDxAthens as a Digital Marketing Manager in 2022, and eventually became the “momager” of the most social, digital, vibrant, happy and super efficient team of the event. In real life she is the mother of two, writes children’s fiction, doesn’t like to cook, and works as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager in Tech. Her specialization is in Conversational Marketing, she is an expert in Content Marketing and hates reporting, but that’s life in Digital Marketing guys, data and reporting. She has studied in AUEB and other places, and just joined an e-learning for creative witting, just to fill some empty slots in her (too-busy) schedule! Find her @LinkedIn, read her @Facebook, just follow her @Insta (she doesn’t post regularly there cause her daughter calls her “Insta- Karen”).
Stavros Chronis
Experience & Side Events Project Manager
Stavros just completed his studies in Marketing and Communication. He is a dedicated and highly motivated person. He loves extreme sports, food, hiking, volunteering, travelling and exploring the unknown. Volunteerism has become an integral part of his life. His motto: 'Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst'.
Dorina Stamou
Experience & Side Events Director
Dorina (they/ she) is a queer individual who likes to talk a lot about the magnificence of diversity, across all spectrums of life and the power of unconditional acceptance for all. During working hours and (more often than not) slightly beyond them, they are a management consultant, with extensive experience in managing EU funded projects. In their free time, they enjoy a good company, a glass of wine and a heated conversation. First year in the TEDxAthens dynamic team as Experience and Side-events Director. Already looking forward to the next one, to contribute to an even more powerful experience for everyone. See you in the pit.
Yiannis Fakitsas
Production Manager | Performers Account Manager
His passion for new challenges and his love for unique and amazing experiences are the main two reasons that brought Yannis to the door of TEDxAthens. He is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and works as an Account Executive in a P.R. Agency, while at the same time he is collecting many unique experiences from volunteering. What he considers most important than all he has acquired, is the friendship with exceptional people. In his free time, you will find him strolling with his bike in the suburbs of Athens, eating in one of his many secret spots or organizing his next trip. One of his favorite quotes: "Life is short, just have fun and learn the most".
Stella Ypokamisa
Hospitality Manager
Stella is a consultant specifically at the hospitality industry. She chose this industry because she was passionate about traveling meeting new people new cultures as well as ideas. You know as most 19 year olds. That is the reason, she volunteered for TEDxATHENS. Tedx is known for helping people understand the world by breading new ideas and helps them flourish, bringing together people from multiple backgrounds, who might never get the chance to meet in any other way and use their gifts for a joined cause. Stella does not know exactly who she is at the moment after two years of quarantine, so TEDxATHENS is a way for her to find the self that she will be until the next crisis. By volunteering and assisting to the cause of TEDxATHENS she is positive that she will find what she is looking for, not only by hearing the speakers and what they have to say about the world, but also by working together with her fellow volunteers and people that she has met in this journey that is called TEDxATHENS. She would also loved it if she could go to Canada where the TEDx idea was born and tell Elon Musk that she loves him.
Penny Christodoulou
Sustainability Manager
Penny is a life enthusiast who always wears her smile and carries good energy. She loves dogs and the sea. She enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and drinking margaritas. Penny speaks four languages fluently and has studied and worked in four different countries. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Linguistics and Translation and a Master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainability. She currently works for a European funded project that enhances the principles of Circular Economy and water management systems in the Mediterranean regions. She also participates in the coordination of a project for sustainable partnerships in Geneva. Also, for almost three years now, she works as the Executive Assistant of the CEO of Lift Global Geneva. She joined the family of TEDxAthens this year, where she runs the Sustainability Program. She is passionate about raising awareness and fostering societal resilience! Challenges and not-so comfort zones are what keeps her on the run!
Sotiris Tsompanoglou
Experience & Side Events Project Manager
Experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale industry. Always possitive no matter what constantly seeking for his next experience. Loves to travell around the world searching for new adventures with a great passion for the oceans and water sports. Favourite motto : "Enjoy The Ride".
Vasiliki Zafrana
Ticketing Services Manager
Vasiliki has experience in Human Resources Management, likes Event Planning and enjoys painting, and cooking. She is currently working as an HR Consultant, while pursuing an MBA degree from the Alba Graduate Business School. She has lived in London and Istanbul for a couple of years and thinks of Athens as the place to be.
Anna Katsanidou
Hospitality Manager
Anna is an enthusiast, always searches for new experiences and things that are going to fascinate her! Engaged with many activities and ways of thinking she shaped a character which is eager to discover, learn, challenge and give back. Her studies in Business Administration and passion in art, equipped her with tools and insights to perceive the world and unveil what motivates her. Being part of TEDxAthens 2022 was a demanding, yet exciting experience, since she helped in delivering worth spreading ideas that aimed to expand ourselves.
Nikos Katsiantonis
Speakers Coach
Nikos is an entrepreneur in the real estate and home renovations industries, a real estate investor and a public speaking coach. He believes that “If a person has a great idea and masters the art of public speaking, they can change the world!”. This is why he joined the TEDxAthens' organizing team back in 2016. He lives with passion, loves to be challenged and remembers to say "Thank you" & "I'm sorry".
Nik Levantis
Ticketing Services Manager
Picture an enthusiastic early adopter who is very fond of technology, transformation projects and any future-engaging activity. Nik loves to construct and deconstruct, is intrigued by challenges and often perceives himself as an agent of change. He considers communication as a valuable asset and practices the art of soft power following a career in Marketing. To revitalise, he either zones out in a pool or explores more of all the food out there.
Natasa Bokidi
Experience & Side Events Project Manager
Natasa is passionate with all aspects of social life and communication, but she could easily isolate herself in a deserted island. Has over 10 years of experience in event management, client service and graphic design. She is patient, a good listener and loves troubleshooting. Her happy spot will always be by the sea and her big love is volleyball, chocolate, a good glass of wine (and gin), an intriguing conversation, traveling, dancing and lately some arts & crafts (not always with great success). Long lasting love with a fluffy dog called Mousakas. Newbie at TEDxAthens as an “Experience & Side Events Project Manager” in charge of the f&b section making sure everyone eats on the event date!
George Kallis-Angel
Alternative Stage Manager
George is a TEDxAthens rookie and very excited about it! He received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Athens University of Economics and Business and now works as a business analyst in management consulting. George is currently the elected President of the Jewish Youth of Athens, leading a board of 20 volunteers. The way to George’s heart is through cookies, dogs and trips to Patmos Island.
Chrysanthi Maistrou
Motion Designer
Chrysa is an enthusiastic motion designer working in advertising, with a vivid interest in all upcoming trends regarding her field. She is often described a quiet power with a keen interest in travelling, cinema and creative cooking. Her participation in TEDxAthens branding team is a challenge to evolve her skills and take on new things.
Fotios Machairas
Ticketing Services Manager
Alumnus of Business school with new technologies knowledge, who is curious to learn new things and not just loves to explore how things work around him but in the very end how could work better. Meticulous person with analytical and visual thinking skills. Supply Chain, Global Procurement, Project Management, Sustainability, and RPA are areas of his global experience and interests. On the other side, music, dance, and theater hold a unique place in his life. Byzantine Music is his expertise. For him, TEDxAthens imagines as a revival of the ancient Greek tradition named "Η ΕΚΚΛΗΣΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΔΗΜΟΥ" which means a public/ global/ open space to share innovative ideas and diverse concerns. Combined with his interests, this is one of the reasons that he offers back to society through TEDxAthens.
Athina Spanou
Hospitality Manager
Athina's hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into insights have made her pursue a career in Business Intelligence. She is always interested in a new challenge, and what a greater challenge than the "Unknown". That is why Athina has joined this year's Hospitality team. To explore the unknown and push herself to turn an idea into action. You will find Athina either playing beach volleyball or taking her dog for a long walk in her free time. She is also passionate about traveling and the cinema. Her favorite motto: "Believe you can and you're halfway there".
Erica Lympousi
Volunteers Services Manager
Erica has completed her studies in Political Science and International Relations and she is a new member of the organizing team of TEDxAthens. Having worked in the humanitarian sector, but also with people belonging to vulnerable groups, she points out the importance of offering without hesitation and this is her driving force in everything she does. At the same time, she tries not to lose her faith in humanity, she loves dogs, sunsets and traveling. Last but not least, she can't bear with impolite people, thus Erica's personal motto is "Be kind. And if you can’t, be quiet”.
Antonia Panagiari
Traffic & Print Production Manager
Antonia is an optimist at heart and a passionate individual always searching for exciting ideas and challenging concepts. Through a cultural and career journey that brought her form the Netherlands to Greece and from Marine Logistics to the world of Marketing & Advertising, she had the opportunity to explore several aspects of her personality and skills. She is persistent, highly reliable and an enthusiast by nature who always enjoys working on creative projects. An old soul with a young mindset (as her friends describe her), in her free time she enjoys spending time at home with good friends and cold wine. Her happy place is by the sea at sunset and at the airport about to fly to new destinations. A first timer at TEDxAthens she has the role of Traffic & Print Production Manager.
Dimitris Soulanis
Experience & Side Events Project Manager
We are all part of humanity and I believe we need to do our best to support the mision of creating a better place for the next geneations. I am value-driven, human-centric and characterized by a strong willingness to help. My favourite quote is from Henry Ford: "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."