Be inspired - TEDx Athens



Here is our legacy. 200+ talks available for you to watch, anytime you choose to challenge your mind, learn, get inspired, motivated or simply spend some free time more wisely.


Ted Papakostas - Archaeostorytelling: How the past can blow your mind
Ted Papakostas
Artemis Alexiadou - Greek language in motion
Artemis Alexiadou
Michael Tierney - The Art of Spending Time
Michael Tierney
Udayan Prasad - Embracing the unknown; a film maker’s thoughts on X
Udayan Prasad
Lisa Lang - What are we going to wear on Mars?
Lisa Lang
Avner Halperin - The missing link of medical AI
Avner Halperin

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Every year our photographers look for the best moments on and off stage. They try to capture not only all the action, but also feelings, thoughts and expressions of the crowd, our team, our volunteers and our sponsors.