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Here is our legacy. 200+ talks available for you to watch, anytime you choose to challenge your mind, learn, get inspired, motivated or simply spend some free time more wisely.


The power and meaning of the single breath | Stefanos Kontos | TEDxAthens
Stefanos Kontos
How to already be your full and complete self | Agni Mariakaki | TEDxAthens
Agni Mariakaki
Exalted Mind: Science, Reality, Daily Life | Menas Kafatos | TEDxAthens
Menas Kafatos
Lessons from the Unknown | Soren Gordhamer | TEDxAthens
Soren Gordhamer
Is Saving a Life Enough to Save the Ocean? | Peter Hammarstedt | TEDxAthens
Peter Hammarstedt
Funding the Future | Joe Schorge | TEDxAthens
Joe Schorge

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Every year our photographers look for the best moments on and off stage. They try to capture not only all the action, but also feelings, thoughts and expressions of the crowd, our team, our volunteers and our sponsors.