Alchemys aka. Natasha Athanasiadou - TEDx Athens

Alchemys aka. Natasha Athanasiadou

Co-Founder @Situal & Ecstatic Dance Greece

Alchemys is an ambassador of self-realization for the elevation of human consciousness. She offers and serves as a mentor, multidimensional artist, philosopher and Ecstatic Dance DJ/facilitator, having created a system to guide our innate power for self-transformation and inner alchemy. After spending 16 years as a CEO, entrepreneur and social innovator in the fashion industry, she awakened to the path of inner alchemy through a mental breakdown in 2016 where she decided to sell most of her property and business to travel around the world. people. Since then she discovers the beauty of the invisible and visible world and lives nomadically around the world where her intuition guides her, with dedication to her intention of continuous learning and exercise towards self-realization and bliss. For the last 7 years he has been deepening, integrating and practicing practices such as meditation, ecstatic dance, Ceremonial Cacao from Latin American tribes and deep spiritual and philosophical contemplation. Her academic studies are in Systems Thinking (BSc Systems Science, City University London) and Philosophy of Management (MPhil Cambridge University).