Amalia Konstantakopoulou - TEDx Athens

Amalia Konstantakopoulou

Co-founder & Director @The Tipping Point in Education

Amalia Konstantakopoulou is Co-founder of The Tipping Point, the largest mentoring organization in Greece for 40,000+ students and 2,000+ educators, even in the most underprivileged schools and learning communities in the country.

The Tipping Point mission is to empower thousands of students, in areas beset with high unemployment, or isolated islands and villages, to connect with professional and academic role models out of an extended network, on a daily basis and through the use of technology, namely our web and mobile app. Through a structured Digital Dialogue, live or asynchronous, students become more conscious about their life decisions and build their academic and career plans with the help of mentors, they would not be able to meet otherwise.

She has studied Economics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, is a postgraduate student of the National Technical University of Athens (MBA) and an alumna of the IVLP program of the U.S. State Department. She has worked in the fields of communication and marketing for companies and organizations such as UPS, Nestle, MTVGR, Swarovski, the Greek National Tourism Organization and ministries, as well as a Fashion Week communications consultant, having thus collaborated with both Greek and foreign designers during the Athens, Moscow & New York Fashion Weeks.