Danai Nielsen - TEDx Athens

Danai Nielsen

Musician | Designer

Danai Nielsen is a solo dream-pop, synth-based composer and singer, who uses voice FX to create musical dialogues between her male and her female alter ego persona by using synths, loops and samples while most of the times she creates her unique costumes for each of her performances.

Since 2004 she’s been active, as main member of the Greek band Rosebleed, who signed a contract with Sony Music (2007) and has shared the stage with several know artists such as Santana, Hooverphonic, Cranberries etc.

In 2014 she becomes the lead singer of the band Than.Eye, which was based in Germany and released their first EP in 2016.

Meanwhile she collaborates with JIM Bespoke (Ninja Tunes) as a vocalist for synch music and participates as a musician in several art performances.

Since the beginning of 2019 she is performing solo and has completed a tour across Europe by performing at festivals such as Taste the Music, Fifty Lab & Reeperbahn (Athens, Belgium, Hamburg).

Danai released her first personal album titled “Who are They” on October 2021.
She is going to be at the upcoming Eject Festival, the greek supporting act for the Muse band.