Denise Xifara - TEDx Athens

Denise Xifara

Co-founder of GMG Ventures

Denise is co-founder of GMG Ventures, a Seed stage VC manager specialising in MediaTech software. The investor in its first fund is the Scott Trust, owner of an endowment fund and The Guardian Media Group. Denise has a PhD in Statistical Genetics and MMath in Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Oxford, and has researched big data methods for multiple sclerosis at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Denise has also worked with numerous startups as a data scientist, building AI, blockchain and chatbot applications and has advised global corporates on tech opportunities, innovation and data governance. Most recently, she also co-founded VentureESG, a not-for-profit with over 350 members internationally, aimed at establishing best practice around ESG in early stage venture.