Dimitris Georgiopoulos - TEDx Athens

Dimitris Georgiopoulos

Head of Technical department | PRODEA Investments

Dimitris Georgiopoulos is the Head of Technical Department of Prodea Investments, the leading real estate investment company in the region with assets exceeding €3 bn in Greece, Italy, Cyprus and SEE.

As Head of Prodea’s team of engineers, he has actively participated in and contributed to the completion of real estate investments of over € 1.9bn while he oversees and coordinates all the technical projects of the company.

Prior to Prodea, he worked within the Acropole Charagionis Group, gaining extensive professional experience in private building construction projects as well as in the development and management of commercial properties, including retail, office and parking buildings.

Dimitris Georgiopoulos is a certified Civil Engineer, having obtained his first degree from the University of Patras, School of Engineering, and holds an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business. He is also a member of ULI Greece.