Dr. Emer MacSweeney - TEDx Athens

Dr. Emer MacSweeney

Consultant Neuroradiologist | CEO@Re:Cognition Health

With a determination and passion to provide a solution for the unacceptable problem of  dementia, Emer founded Re:Cognition Health in 2011. 

With her medical knowledge and training in neurosciences, corporate experience, personal  credibility, contacts and charisma Emer assembled a team of Brain and Mind Experts to create Re:Cognition Health; an internationally recognized expert provider of the best diagnosis,  treatment and hope for people with memory and other cognitive symptoms. 

Focusing, initially on the Global Pandemic, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and working closely with  providers of sophisticated biomarkers and pharmaceutical sponsor’s R&D to provide new  medications; Emer’s team have enabled thousands of individuals to gain early access to novel  diagnostic tests and new mediations, designed to halt or slow progression of AD, through  international clinical trials. This work, for which Emer was awarded an UK “EY Entrepreneur  of the Year” award for Societal Impact in 2019 and multiple other awards, continues.  

Emer and her team are also focusing, now, on the hugely under recognized complication of  repetitive brain injury, from contact sports: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  

Emer’s Tedx talk addresses CTE: awareness, risks, pathology, new diagnostic tests and  potential for treatment. Parallels with AD, may accelerate understanding and treatment of  CTE.