Erofili Tziveli aka. Senseri & Beyond - TEDx Athens

Erofili Tziveli aka. Senseri & Beyond

Co-Founder @Situal & Ecstatic Dance Greece

Erofili has worked for the last 15 years in multinational companies, in dynamic roles in the field of finance and supply chain. At the same time, dance, meditation, travel and a balanced diet were essential tools of inner search, which contributed decisively to the course of her life. After a juncture of difficult events that led to burnout, she found herself at this pivotal point in life that she calls the space in between – in the space or void that is created between before and after. In this area she deepens her practices, incorporating studies in Nutritional Health Coaching, Evolutionary Astrology, Participatory Leadership, Ceremonial Cacao from Latin American tribes and primitive dance expression. Her academic studies are in Mechanical Engineering (MEng, Imperial College London) and Environmental Policy, Planning and Regulation (MSc, London School of Economics).