Georgia Kaltsi - TEDx Athens

Georgia Kaltsi


Georgia Kaltsi is an inspirational personality with a long history in volunteering and providing information on disability and para-sports. She is a Paralympic fencing athlete in the greek national team with participations in global athletic events, a wheelchair basketball player in the ASKA MAROUSI team and a life coach instructor/trainer in various companies and schools.

She likes to deal with various issues in her daily life and to learn constantly. She is a young, independent woman who embraces life with a positive mindset, no matter the challenges. The accident she was in, in 2015 not only did not prevent her from achieving what she has dreamed of in her life, but also pushed her to achieve even more and redefine her goals by taking many actions around disability.

She is a graduate of the Queen Margaret of Edinburgh School of Clinical Dietetics-Nutrition, with a master’s degree in neurology and rehabilitation from Oxford Brookes University.

She loves traveling, food but especially extreme sports and in particular scuba diving, wakeboarding, sit skiing and kitesurfing. She likes to dedicate her free time to her friends and mainly to her dog, Blue.

Georgia Kaltsi proves to us every day that realism is what matters and helps you live the life you have dreamt of. It is no coincidence that in each of her speeches the whole audience “hangs” from her lips. She is a role model for every person!