Golfo Agapitou - TEDx Athens

Golfo Agapitou

Head of People Talents | Deputy General Manager @Eurobank

Golfo Agapitou is a business psychologist, coach, mentor and people and organizational change expert with experience both in management consulting, academia, and corporate roles with genuine passion for the future of work.

In Eurobank, as Head of People Talents, she leads human capital development, culture change, workforce diversity and inclusion, new ways of work, learning, upskilling and talent development. She has worked extensively in designing systems for enhancing human performance, continuous learning, and development at work and in coaching senior leaders in leadership transformation.

Employee value proposition and the new employer contact in the modern banking with emphasis in bringing different generations together in the new workplace is an area of focus for Golfo.

She enjoys the hybrid way of work, loves travelling, exploring ChatGPT, her Pilates practice and learning interior design. She firmly believes that in a technology driven world people make the difference!