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Good Job Nicky


Good Job Nicky is an artist, singer and songwriter, he creates versatile music of no specific genre. Coming from an artistic family, he has been in an open dialogue with the process of music composition and creation since an early age.
Due to his passion for basketball – as a professional player – he did not devote himself regularly to studying music, despite his aptitude. Music came as a way to communicate with himself & to connect with his beloved ones. Self-taught in piano, and composition, Nikolas Varthakouris has collaborated with significant producers in the USA, while his first album came out in 2020 by Cobalt Music. Since then, he performed live in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patras, accompanied by an orchestra and choreography.

With the same effortless dynamic and immediacy that he found in his art, he seeks for his listeners to find their driving force through his music. He was born in Athens in 1995, and since then, he has spent his summers in Paros and winters in Athens.