iGEM - TEDx Athens


Interdisciplinary team of University Students, Young Scientists and Engineers

iGEM Athens 2022 is an interdisciplinary team of university students as well as young scientists and engineers who are passionate about Synthetic Biology. “What is Synthetic Biology”, you may ask. Synthetic Biology comprises a newly emerged scientific field that combines basic research with applied science by coupling the methods and background of Molecular Biology with the principles of Engineering. The union of these two disciplines aims at creating new biological systems or at redesigning and repurposing the already existing ones as a way to resolve contemporary problems concerning public health, environmental crises, and issues relating to many other sectors. After four years of achievements and distinctions accomplished by the previous iGEM Athens teams, as this year’s team, they also aspire to conceive, design, and realize a Synthetic Biology research project that will be presented at the iGEM International Synthetic Biology Competition, while bringing Synthetic Biology closer to the general public!