ImproVIBE - TEDx Athens


Improvised Comedy Theater

ImproVIBE is Greece’s first Improv Comedy Theater training center. It was founded in 2012 by Menelaos Prokos and has been fully active to this day, offering improv shows and training as an art form as well as a way of life.

During all its years of operation, it has offered improvised theatrical plays that are presented at well-known theatres around Athens, while has also toured all over Greece offering training and shows. It’s contribution on a global level is also worth mentioning and has  been recognized as Greece’s improv hub. Since 2015, ImproVIBE has been producing annually in Athens -and with huge success- Greece’s very own international improv festival, Mt Olymprov.

One of ImproVIBE’s most important achievements is having introduced to the Greek public a brand new theatrical art form, and it is boasting now a 500-strong community comprised of people who are actively practising the art of improv through teaching and performing. Thousands of people have been affected by ImproVIBE’s activities and improv is gradually spreading all over the country.