Irene Corantis - TEDx Athens

Irene Corantis

Global Marketing Capabilities Lead for Coca-Cola

Irene Corantis thought she was a brand marketer, formed at P&G, groomed at Notos Com Holdings and forged at Coca-Cola. Or so she thought! Driven by learning, getting things done and having an impact, she followed inspirational leaders into the worlds of Creative Communications, Strategy, HR and even external non-profit projects in parallel. As the Global Marketing Capabilities Lead at Coca-Cola, she has the awesome job of enabling marketers to get ready for the future of marketing and the Future of Work. She believes that growth should be personalized, experiential, tech-enabled, externally focused and more than anything should be fun! Catch her over a break and she’ll happily chat about her UC Berkeley days, her passion for storytelling and puzzling or her daughter Melina that helps her see the world through different eyes every day!