Margarita Gerouki - TEDx Athens

Margarita Gerouki

Educator | Member of the Sexuality Education Committee - World Association for Sexual Health

Margarita Gerouki has spent most of her life studying or teaching, or both! Her academic interest in sexuality education started almost thirty years ago. Literally, from the first year of her teaching career. To pursue her interest, she moved to Finland. There she worked as a mother tongue teacher for Greek students of diaspora and completed a Masters’ Diploma in Health Sciences (University of Jyväskylä) and a Doctoral Diploma in Education (University of Helsinki). In Greece, she has worked as a primary teacher and an Educational Advisor and completed a Masters’ degree in Political Theory and Human Rights (University of Crete). She teaches and researches sexuality, gender, and interpersonal relationships from the viewpoint of health, education, and politics. She has taught all educational levels and works to promote inclusive sexuality education. She is the head of the authoring team that received the award of Excellence and Innovation in Sexuality Education 2019, for their work “Play with Frixos”. Currently, she is teaching in Rethymno, she is the president of the NGO Safe Carefree Children Presently (AXEPT), as well as a member of the scientific committee for Sexuality Education in the World Association for Sexual Health.