Mina Dennert - TEDx Athens

Mina Dennert

Writer / Journalist

Mina Dennert is a Swedish writer, journalist, and the founder of the #iamhere network, which has inspired over a hundred thousand people from all over the world to stand up and work for a democratic and inclusive society. Through the Facebook groups of the same name, members counteract disinformation, alternative facts and hate speech.

The purpose of #iamhere is to encourage people to speak up and engage in online debate; To strengthen journalists and politicians and opinion formers by making people react and stand up when others are exposed to hatred and threats. To stop the polarization by taking the political discussion in a nuanced and factual manner.

And to prevent the spread of disinformation by helping others with sources of factual information. Social media has a huge impact on our lives and on the political climate. It is changing our world and we need to become involved in that development. Members of the network notice that they have become much more politically aware and better at debate and discussion since getting involved.

They have been able to practice their civil rights, and as a result have experienced increased feelings of courage in general. Mina has won several awards for her work, including the prestigious Anna Lindh prize in 2017, for supporting just and democratic causes.