Soren Gordhamer - TEDx Athens

Soren Gordhamer

Adventurer | Entrepreneur

Soren Gordhamer is a writer, adventurer and entrepreneur. He has led mindfulness programs for a variety of groups around the world, including youth in New York City’s juvenile halls, trauma workers in Rwanda, teachers in Nigeria – and even employees at Google.

Gordhamer is the founder of Wisdom 2.0, an annual conference that brings tech leaders and wisdom teachers together to investigate the intersection between ancient wisdom and modern digital life.

As part of the Global Walk for a Liveable World, Soren spent a year walking through parts of the United States, India, Pakistan and Japan. This led him to become the founder of The Lineage Project; a nonprofit that offers awareness-based practices to incarcerated and at-risk teens. More recently, Soren co-founded Wisdom Ventures, which seeks to support the next generation of companies focusing on mindfulness and human connection.

Gordhamer focuses on the wisdom of the community, as he believes that the best answers spring from harnessing group intelligence.