Thomas Erikson - TEDx Athens

Thomas Erikson

Author | Public Speaker

Thomas Erikson is a Swedish behaviourist and the bestselling author of the Surrounded by-books, a series about human behaviours and communication. The series, including Surrounded by Idiots, has been translated to 50 languages.

He is also a highly sought-after public speaker and gives 120 keynotes per year on topics such as human behaviours, communication, self-awareness, manipulation, narcissism and leadership.

From his home office, Thomas is a coach and mentor for high level executives and entrepreneurs all over Europe.

His mission is to make people’s lives easier on a daily level by making them aware of themselves. But also to help them to a better understanding of what it takes to achieve the best possible ground for effective communication.

He lives by the simple but useful quote: You can’t change somebody else, but you can change yourself.

Fun fact: Thomas is a true anglophile. He is a passionate gardener, loves topiary: if he could wear tweed the full year he would. He is also a collector of old Land Rovers.