Yotam Agam - TEDx Athens

Yotam Agam

Music & Sound Journeyer

Yotam is a Producer, Sound Designer, Yoga & Meditation Facilitator.

He explores our listening Soundscape using elements of outdoor recordings, sound design and healing frequencies.

For over 20 years Yotam has been developing “off the beaten track” sound libraries and is constantly creating music, Yotam has developed a Live digital platform using soundscapes to perform meditative listening sets and sound journeys for live audience and to support his teachings as a Yoga & Meditation Facilitator.

Based in South Asia he has produced films and live shows with rural and tribal communities around the world, exploring the power of sound and music in the different life ceremonies.

His latest work includes capturing the Acoustic Signature (Impulse response) of extremely unique spaces around the world for music, archiving and educational purpose.

He is leading retreats and expeditions of recordings and sound experiences around the world.

His music as “YOTAM AGAM” is available on all platforms

His two podcasts available on all platforms