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28th May 2023

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The very word alone invokes a sense of power, freedom, of pure unbridled potential waiting to be released. It speaks of limitless possibilities, a call to action for anyone seeking to break free of their limitations and express their true selves and ideas.

But what does it mean?
To some, it may simply mean letting go of their inhibitions and fears, of escaping from the constraints of society, of tapping into a deeper sense of purpose to make a lasting impact and pursuing their dreams.

Perhaps, most importantly, it means recognizing that we are not alone. It is not just about personal growth, but also about the collective power of people coming together. That by supporting one another, we can release a force of creativity, innovation and resilience that can change our lives, and maybe even the world, in ways we never thought possible.

One thing is certain: unleashing takes courage, conviction, and an unwavering belief in oneself and in the collective. It means pushing ourselves to new heights, staying curious, taking risks, embracing the unknown, and recognizing that failure is not the end but merely a stepping stone on the path to new opportunities.

From the thrill of pursuing our passions to the sense of accomplishment that comes from making a difference in our world, there is no shortage of joy and fulfillment to be found.

So, what are we waiting for? It’s time to embrace the full range of our potential, tap into our dreams and make a positive impact in our worlds. It is an invitation to let go of the past, and to embrace the limitless possibilities of the present and the future.

It’s time to unleash!


Jasmine Harrison
Jasmine Harrison is a British adventurer who loves to travel and tackle new challenges.  She achieved world-wide recognition in 2021 when aged 21 years she became the youngest solo female to row the Atlantic Ocean in 70 days proving that age, gender and background are no barrier to a positive mind-set. She is keen to encourage everyone to be self-reliant and if someone wants to take on a personal challenge, of any level, then they should just do it! The Atlantic row, dubbed the ‘World’s Toughest Row’ saw Jasmine row up to 20 hours a day in conditions from flat calm to 10 metre high waves with lows of capsizes, injuries and physical exhaustion to the highs of amazing wildlife and sunsets travelling over 3000 miles from La Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua. In 2022 Jasmine became the first female (and third person ever) to swim the full length of the British Isles from Land’s End to John O’Groats, 900 miles, in 110 days. Having raised over £30k for environmental causes she remains a keen advocate for ocean health and is now planning her next challenge which naturally involves the seas.
George Hadjigeorgiou
Engineer | Founder of ZOE

George co-founded ZOE with a mission to improve the health of millions; by moving the world from calorie counting and foods that poison our health to the truth of personalized advice based on how food affects our bodies and health. And with science that gets better & better with every member and more data.

Previously CEO of HouseTrip (acquired by TripAdvisor) and co-founder of efood (acquired by Delivery Hero), one of the leading food delivery platforms in Europe. George studied Mechanical Engineering at Tufts & MIT.

Lindsey McInerney
Futurist & CEO | Founder of Sixth Wall/Black Sun Labs

Whether building hyper-growth startups or advising Fortune 500 companies, the Royal Family or the United Nations, Lindsey McInerney has spent her career helping people understand the impact of cutting edge technologies and adopt them early.

An internet nerd and tech futurist, Lindsey has launched multiple projects in the metaverse and web3 space and remains excited about the ways crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and extended reality (XR) will change our digital and physical landscape. As Global Head of Technology and Innovation at AB InBev (Anheuser-Busch), the world's largest brewer, she launched Stella Artois into the metaverse in an explosive partnership with ZED RUN, a crypto horse racing game. One of the first major brand executions in the space, the Cannes Lion award- nominated campaign, put Stella Artois on the map as the first beer brand and FMCG company in the metaverse and was well received by traditional and crypto media alike. McInerney was named to the 2023 ‘Thinkers50 Radar List’, a cohort of 30 thinkers whose ideas are predicted to make an important impact on management thinking. She has also been named one of ‘The 30 Most Influential People in the Metaverse’, one of ‘The Most Prominent Digital Futurists to Watch Out For in 2022’, one of the ‘Top Players of the Metaverse' and an 'Adweek Pride Star class of 2022'. As Founder and CEO of Black Sun Labs, Lindsey works with executives, teams and personalities on their web3 and metaverse strategies. She is also the CEO of Sixth Wall, a technology and entertainment company co-founded with actor/producer Mila Kunis and producer Lisa Sterbakov.
Thomas Erikson
Author | Public Speaker
Thomas Erikson is a Swedish behaviourist and the bestselling author of the Surrounded by-books, a series about human behaviours and communication. The series, including Surrounded by Idiots, has been translated to 50 languages. He is also a highly sought-after public speaker and gives 120 keynotes per year on topics such as human behaviours, communication, self-awareness, manipulation, narcissism and leadership. From his home office, Thomas is a coach and mentor for high level executives and entrepreneurs all over Europe. His mission is to make people’s lives easier on a daily level by making them aware of themselves. But also to help them to a better understanding of what it takes to achieve the best possible ground for effective communication. He lives by the simple but useful quote: You can’t change somebody else, but you can change yourself. Fun fact: Thomas is a true anglophile. He is a passionate gardener, loves topiary: if he could wear tweed the full year he would. He is also a collector of old Land Rovers.
Yannis Assael
Staff Research Scientist @ Google DeepMind
Dr. Yannis Assael is a Staff Research Scientist at Google DeepMind working on Artificial Intelligence, and he is featured in Forbes' "30 Under 30" distinguished scientists of Europe. In 2013, he graduated from the Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia, and with full scholarships, he did an MSc at the University of Oxford, finishing first in his year, and an MRes at Imperial College London. In 2016, he returned to Oxford for a DPhil degree with a Google DeepMind scholarship, and after a series of research breakthroughs and entrepreneurial activities, he started as a researcher at Google DeepMind. He has made notable contributions in the fields of audio-visual speech recognition, multi-agent communication, as well as AI for Culture and the study of damaged ancient texts. Throughout this time, his research has attracted the media's attention several times (BBC, Reuters, The Times, Financial Times), has been featured on the cover of the scientific journal Nature, and focuses on contributing to and expanding the greater good.


Shuttle bus:

For convenient access to and from the SNFCC, transportation by shuttle bus is available daily to visitors, free of charge. A minibus bearing the SNFCC logo departs from Syntagma, makes a stop at Syggrou-Fix Metro station (Syggrou Avenue), and arrives at the south side of the SNFCC Canal (near the GNO building) and vice versa.

Read more about the timetables


Find the route to SNFCC

Parking options


  • 130: Piraeus – Nea Smyrni  (Tzitzifies Stop from Piraeus; Delta Stop to Piraeus)
  • 217: Piraeus – Dafni Station (Tzitzifies Stop from Piraeus; Delta Stop to Piraeus)
  • 550: Kifissia – Palaio Faliro (Evgenideio Stop, Syggrou Avenue northbound, Onassio Stop southbound)
  • 860: Palaio Faliro – Schisto (Tzitzifies Stop from Piraeus; Delta Stop to Piraeus)
  • Α1: Piraeus – Voula (Tzitzifies Stop from Piraeus; Delta Stop to Piraeus)
  • Β1: Piraeus – Ano Glyfada (Tzitzifies Stop from Piraeus; Delta Stop to Piraeus)
  • Β2: Academia – Agios Kosmas (Evgenideio Stop, Syggrou Avenue northbound, Onasseio Stop southbound)


Line 10 from Chalandri Square to the Epaminonda stop. Walk towards Peisistratou and Sahtouri street and you will find the entrance of the SNFCC through its parking.


From the “Τzitzifies” stop, walk towards the Navarhou Votsi street and then turn right at Peististratou street. At Peisistratou and Sahtouri street you will find the entrance of the SNFCC through its parking.


Bicycle parking spaces are available at the entrance of the parking of the SNFCC (Peisistratou and Sahtouri Street) as well as the Visitors Center (Eyrypidou and Doiranis). The parking of bicycles in these areas is under the responsibility of the owner / holder for any damages arising (theft, damage, etc.).

On Foot:

The following entrances are open for entering the SNFCC:

  • Evripidou & Doiranis (entrance for the SNFCC Visitors Center)
  • Evripidou & Irakleous
  • Evripidou & Dimosthenous (entrance for the Running Track)
  • Peisitratou & Sachtouri (entrance for the Parking of the SNFCC)
  • Esplanade Pedestrian Bridge



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